Hi. My name is Terry, and I'm the President of Quicksilver Accounting & Consulting,  Wilmington NC.

I created this blog to offer little hints, ideas, strategies and sometimes just silly excerpts from life to help other entrepreneurs gain insight.

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Written in Wilmington, NC

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Sometimes smaller is just better

Plans for my firm have changed dramatically this past year.  Instead of constantly growing which means increasing staff in tandem, I’ve come to the realization (unfortunately not of my own doing)  that I like the lower level of staff needed to run my practice today and I don’t want to grow in both directions any more.  For someone who loves the skill sets used to accomplish larger growth, that is quite a discovery.

Recently a few clients have moved on as their circumstances changed, and I haven’t rushed to fill their spots.  They were high transaction clients with ever changing payrolls.   I’ve taken a step back and decided that I want to have more control of the kind of clients we work with and ultimately I want to keep my boutique firm agile, more efficient and simple.  There are certainly other benefits, like lower overhead, no office politics, tighter control of office procedures, and more time for each client.

I’m limiting our growth to clients who are only in the niches I want to pursue where we have the most knowledge.     We all have better life/work balance because I’m choosing not to take clients that don’t fit this model.   Taking in the best clients in our niches gives us the revenue to be successful. And by limiting the quantity of new clients outside those areas there will be no stress if something changes internally. We can adjust, be highly efficient and we can give better client service as well.

In business, there are many times that a change forces you to re-think your direction. Will you let that help or hinder you?   Are you directing your own outcome or are you falling into place with what others are demanding? These are hard questions that need answers when you are pondering your future grow pattern.

Sometimes smaller is just better for you and your clients, and that takes lots of determination to keep your business within the parameters chosen.



A little irony, a great chuckle

The other night , as I crawled into bed at about midnight, it didn't escape me that while I was trying to read an article called "The Exhaustion Cure"  I was doing all I could to to stay awake to finish it (and to be honest, I didn't make it).     The article was describing 10 ways to beat exhaustion. Meanwhile,  I'm fighting, to keep my eyes from closing, and my head is doing that little plop thing when you are actually falling asleep sitting up.

I'll give you a cure for exhaustion- don't start your own business.  Because if you are anything like me, no matter how much I get done, I can think of numerous things I haven't gotten to yet!    The person who wrote this must have lived with Small Business Owners for a while.   There are  causes, such as 'leaky boundaries' and 'information overload'.  This all applies to me, and everyone who is responsible for creating a company and making it a success.  A few hours of sleep can repair most of this, and when it's too much-  you have to take a little time out.

They want you to start a journal. Are they nuts?  Add another thing to my schedule? I'm already reading in the powder room- lest I waste a single minute.   Oh no,  I'm not ready to retire and play golf all day. But I do like the ocassional golf game, and a day at the beach.    

I do agree with the basics listed- Get enough (but not too much) sleep, eat right, stay hydrated, get plenty of excercise and limit caffeine.    I do take a break every once in a while and run up and down the stairs to my office to get my single cup of coffee .....

The article was written by Hillari Dowdle and can be found in Whole Living/Body & Soul (which I don't subscribe to- but they were kind enough to send me a free copy this month).