Hi. My name is Terry, and I'm the President of Quicksilver Accounting & Consulting,  Wilmington NC.

I created this blog to offer little hints, ideas, strategies and sometimes just silly excerpts from life to help other entrepreneurs gain insight.

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Written in Wilmington, NC

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Wow- There's lots of news!

Quicksilver Business Solutions has really moved forward in the last 30 days!

First, I want to welcome my new partner, Ms. Victoria Dull.  Vicki has been working for Quicksilver for approximately 6 months, and as of September 1, has become a full equity partner.  She brings skills and resources that compliment mine, and makes us twice as capable.  I'm thrilled to have her as a partner and look forward to her input and assistance in growing the company.

I also want to welcome Kathy Andreatos, our new Executive Administrator.  She has been learning the business for about a month now.  She comes with great Admin skills, and already knows QuickBooks.  She will be a busy lady with Vicki and I going at full speed!  We hope she can keep us on the straight and narrow.

And last, but not least, we have moved to great office space at 402 Carl Street in Wilmington.  This brings us all together, with a place for Keri too.  We will be able to work more efficiently, and clients now have a place to bring their work and meet us as necessary.  Bringing all of us together into one spot was a major undertaking, and we are happy to say we are now settled in.  We still have some areas to work out, but in general we are already very comfortable and ready to take on additional clients.

It's been a lot of planning, scheduling, packing, unpacking- but all that is behind us and we are looking forward to moving ahead.