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What Does Prosperity Mean to You?

This question, asked at the 2019 Milken Institute Global Conference, was answered by David Hunt, and shared on Linked in.  I found it very well written and thoughtful and would like to share it with you.

I would also like to ask the same question to each of you, because it can also mean the humblest of things to each person and a little soul searching is always in order.

For me, prosperity has to do with my everyday life.  I am prosperous in family.  Along with the companionship of my husband,I have sisters I speak with every day that I enjoy sharing time with, and my children are happy with homes and families of their own.  Many people who have not experienced a decent family life are alone and afraid.  Couldn't we do better as a socieity to extend our hand?

Knowing each day that I have enough food on the table, a good job and respect of my business colleagues and community makes me very prosperous in mind and body.

My most significant prosperity has always come from having had an attitude that my glass is half full. That guides me through circumstances and always me to recoup any mishaps.  That is not to say I haven't lived through heartache, limited resources and challenges.  I've experienced that like so many people, but no matter whee I am in life, my hope that I would work hard and improve my experience and the lives of the people around me always is the most significant factor in my life.  Hope can bridge so much, and this is where I truly agree with David's thoughts in this respect.

I think greed has taken over our country, and that is the area I wish we could all improve.  If only people more people at the top would look behind them and pull people up with them.  Offer them education and give them life skills they can use to do what they did-  create a business with an idea and become self-sufficient.  Supply the resources people need to improve themselves so we can all be wealthy in mind, body and finances as well.   Share- don't hoard wealth and knowledge. 

The 360-Degree Leader by John Maxwell is a wonderful book about how leaders must look ahead to learn all they can from their boss, but also share all they learn with the employees behind them to help them succeed as well.  If we could only bring this idea into our personal lives as well, we could help everyone succeed and we could become a prosperous nation.

What do you think prosperity means for you?  

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