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Visiting Author and Publisher, James J. Kaufman

When Jim first wrote The Collectibles, we were the very first book club he attended. Since my company had been working with him to start up his publishing firm, I had made the suggestion for him to meet with us and he accepted graciously. We were to  be his first audience he could hone his skill as new author.  Having been a lawyer and judge his natural instincts for speaking just gave way to a great evening.   

The memories of this first encounter made an impression on him, so when he heard that we were having a reunion sparked by his writing the second book in his trilogy, The Concealers,  he was eager to come join us again.  Of course, we requested his lovely wife Patty come along as well, as I was serving tea and scones and we wanted her to enjoy the day.

It was wonderful to discuss the actual makings of a book, from thought process, writing process, publishing and marketing.  We really got a very insightful view on what it takes to bring a book to press and how many people are involved.  Authors are truly entrepreneurs, of a different sort.

We spoke of how the characters from book one flowed into The Concealers, but also how the new main character developed as well.    It was a great book club, and I wanted to share our thoughts-  that this new book is a wonderful continuation of the story and James has done a great job in bringing it to life. What is very apparent to us, is if you know Mr. Kaufman personally you know that these characters are mixed with life experiences he has had which brings them much depth.

From the business prospective, having worked with Jim from the very beginning to bring his company, DownStream Publishing, to life and seeing how its all taken off is one of the things I love most about being an accountant, advisor, confidante and friend too.

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