Hi. My name is Terry, and I'm the President of Quicksilver Accounting & Consulting,  Wilmington NC.

I created this blog to offer little hints, ideas, strategies and sometimes just silly excerpts from life to help other entrepreneurs gain insight.

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Written in Wilmington, NC


The Staple Queen resides here...

This was the year I decided those boxes and boxes of paper records in the attic finally had to go.   People who have been born in the digital age won't understand, but back when we first moved to North Carolina in 1998, everything came to you by mail and you keep all of it for 'tax purposes'.

Eleven boxes of 'stuff' came out.   It took over three weekends of unstapling a million pieces of paper and two people working at it.  Yes, I know the shredder says it can take staples,  but since it was new and I didn't want to burn it out on the first hour ... well what can I say. 

As Miss 'organizer extraordinare', everything was saved in neat little piles stapled by month, quarter or year.  Every bank statement was reconciled and of course had the printed summary sheet...  Every sales receipt was stapled to its credit card statement.  Every tax return from ten years ago was there.  Do I need to go on.

It did lead down memory lane.  I found the statements to the money market where we saved over 20 years and how it was depleted in under a year for my daughters wedding.  A truly wonderful day and great son-in-law was added to our family.

My sons records from high school for winning Technology Awards, many times over.  Car insurance bills when he was 18 (maybe just to remind how expensive a young male can be).  Early tax returns for each of them as well.  

I did keep a very small pile for both of them so they could reminisce with me.   For my husband, his maintenance receipts of his beloved 'red car' that we sold several years ago brought back memories...goodbye all car records, my own as well.    As for me, my college loans that were paid off years ago,  veterinary bills for cats that had long passed and were missed, travel receipts to far away places. Gone, Gone and gone.

And of course the years and years of paper stuff that were now being shredded in every opportunity- so far six huge bags and going.   Never again.  Hey, did you know you are suppose to oil your shredder? Found that out after about three bags worth...out came the vegetable oil - the recommended item.

About six months ago I found the 'double sided' print feature on my cheapo printer.  That has saved many trees and no need to staple anymore.   Mostly all the bills are now coming digitally, and I don't bother to print them- I know I can find them later.   Everything is on 'auto' pilot- if I can sign up to stop paper- I'm right there now.      I am happy to give up my title, give up the paper mounds and stick to one binder I use per year that has all the absolutely necessary info.  

Bye Bye storage cartons. I'm filling each of you with items for goodwill and out the door you go.

Ok.. back to the pile of shredding. I'm on a role now and looking in every draw for possiblle sources that can be eaten up and spit out as lovely little colorful shred of paper.    Maybe you will follow my lead?


Visiting Author and Publisher, James J. Kaufman

When Jim first wrote The Collectibles, we were the very first book club he attended. Since my company had been working with him to start up his publishing firm, I had made the suggestion for him to meet with us and he accepted graciously. We were to  be his first audience he could hone his skill as new author.  Having been a lawyer and judge his natural instincts for speaking just gave way to a great evening.   

The memories of this first encounter made an impression on him, so when he heard that we were having a reunion sparked by his writing the second book in his trilogy, The Concealers,  he was eager to come join us again.  Of course, we requested his lovely wife Patty come along as well, as I was serving tea and scones and we wanted her to enjoy the day.

It was wonderful to discuss the actual makings of a book, from thought process, writing process, publishing and marketing.  We really got a very insightful view on what it takes to bring a book to press and how many people are involved.  Authors are truly entrepreneurs, of a different sort.

We spoke of how the characters from book one flowed into The Concealers, but also how the new main character developed as well.    It was a great book club, and I wanted to share our thoughts-  that this new book is a wonderful continuation of the story and James has done a great job in bringing it to life. What is very apparent to us, is if you know Mr. Kaufman personally you know that these characters are mixed with life experiences he has had which brings them much depth.

From the business prospective, having worked with Jim from the very beginning to bring his company, DownStream Publishing, to life and seeing how its all taken off is one of the things I love most about being an accountant, advisor, confidante and friend too.

These books can be found on


No way, I'm not going...

It seems ADP has done a bit of research on various industries and median age groups.  They are predicting that 18% of US workers (baby boomers) are expected to retire within the next 5 years.

Well, I for one will say no to full retirement.    They will have to pull me from my dual screen computers, iPad, and smartphone in all my glory, kicking and screaming if anyone thinks I'm ready to give up when I'm having so much fun.   I love what I do for a living and  clever enough to create a virtual company where we can work anywhere in the world.   Who would give up sitting in a little cafe in Paris, or a farm house in Tuscany with a Cappaccino and an ultrabook at 6am for some chit chat with clients and access to all my tools?    I've worked while sailing through the Baltics, in the land of the midnight sun,  while looking out my balcony window and marveling a sunset at 11:45pm.   Our generation is the first that has managed this kind of freedom from the desk.. and I plan on enjoy it.

I know many others that aren't considering a full retirement either. They have wisdom and strength, and are willing to share what they know to help others just starting out, a pay it forward mobilization at its best.  We are job creators, and mentors, and although we enjoy the idea of retirement some day, we don't necessarily need that to be a full time endeavor.

What about you? 



Setting goals can stop "crazy squirrel" syndrome

Yesterday I got to experience the 'crazy squirrel' syndrome. I know you have experienced it too!  

The squirrel sits patiently on the side of the road looking very content, yet as soon as you are about to pass by, he darts into the road, moving left and right like a Ninga without any self preservation, until finally he makes those last leaps to the other side of the road.  All the while you are praying that you don't hit him, so you don't have to start the morning feeling guiltly that you killed one of God's creature.

When I started to think about what drives them to take such risk,  it reminded me alot of some entrepreneurs who switch around each day between sales person, bookkeeper, warehouse manager, payroll specialist, networking guru.  How could we stop darting left and right and move forward?

BY SETTING GOALS.  Goals help us energize and focus, and focus helps us to act in a measured way. 

Start by setting goals for one week, one month, six months and one year. Make sure you can measure your success.  Then concentrate on how to accomplish them,  creating a plan to see results.

When you get to the other side of the road, smile and know you have made your leap to success.


I just called to say I love you...

ADP published an interesting survey taken by the Accounting Today Executive Research Council in June 2012 of 1500 online panelists.

The subject:  What is the most effective ways to communicate proactively with your clients. 

Even though it was a survey for accountants, I believe this information can be used by many different types of companies to promote client relationships.  Are you doing any of these?

At the top: Placing a phone call -unconnected to scheduled work-  39%.

See the rest of the survey