60 is the new 40?
Friday, April 6, 2018 at 11:49AM
Terry in Retirement, employees, wisdom, workforce

That's the topic of an article from CPA Advisor I found very interesting today.  Seems its so hard to get younger employees to stay long enough, that companies are now being told to look for your 60 something candidate- because they will likely have a great work ethic, plan on staying for quite a while, and have the wisdom for everyone to benefit from.

I always found age relative to how old I was at the time.  At 15 I thought 30 was ancient. At 40, 70 seemed old. You get my drift...  I think we all need to stop thinking about age and more about capabilties.

You are probably going to have to bomb me out of the chair when I'm too feeble to do the job anymore.   I love this work, and though retirement seems like fun- 30 years of it just seems way to long!   I'm here for the long haul, and I know of plenty of friends that are thinking the same way.  Maybe we don't necesarrily want to work 40 hr weeks, but we have no intention of giving up our source of money and accomplishment either since we live much longer.   

Ahh... back to work now.   

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