Friday, March 25, 2016 at 12:43PM

When I started out to move my Enterprise file to QuickBooks Online Plus, I knew I was going to love the ease of using direct connections to banks and credit cards, but I didn't imagine how delighted I would be with the time savings I've been able to attain each month.    !

That's not to say the first month wasn't hard. Once I created my file, I had to make my own journal entries for everything, but I have to say it went faster and tied out easily.   Next, because no templates come over, even if you are transfering from a regular desktop to QBO file,  I had to recreate each client invoice and the various templates I use for recurring items.  This was the longest period of time I had to devote to the move.

Now, a month later, I am entirely operational. My file is downloading data so I no longer have to write in credit card charges,  payments etc.   This has been great for me, because when I tell my clients that this is going to improve their process, I can really speak from experience.  

I did attach my LivePlan app, and re-mapped my items.  That is working wonderfully.  I have to say I was always disappointed in how that software worked with the desktop.  Since Intuit cancelled Sync Manager, that wouldn't have been available anymore anyway.  Moving forward, a am truly a virtual accountant working in my own virtual world as well! 

For most of you, going from desktop to online is a fairly easy process that your ProAdvisor can help with.

Embrace the cloud! The less time spent entering data, the more time we can analysis the results. 



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