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Ahh... Aruba


What a wonderful week I had in Aruba! We have a timeshare there and had not been back for various reasons for several years.  It took a day or so to get into the 'laid back island mode' but once I did it was a very enjoyable week filled with lots of beautiful beach, happy hours, walks and a pile of reading.

Aruba has the best restaurants! My husband and I always eat at the California Light House because it has the best views. We also did Amazonia this time, a Brazilian all you can eat type place. And of course, another favorite, the Buccaneer, where there are huge water tanks and the fish, turtles and lobster move about right at your table!

If you would like to visit an island where you are guaranteed beautiful weather all seven days- this is it.

Now, back to catching up with work! 

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