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What will we do on November 5?

Has anyone wondered what we will possibly do to keep ourselves occupied on November 5, after the current election ends?  Honestly, it's been so long since we haven't been hearing politcal garble, I'm not sure we will be able to fill in our day.

As soon as I wake up in the morning, my husband puts on the local news.  Of course, we hear all the latest updates of who said what about who last night, and of course, the rebuffs from the other party explaining it can't possible be true. Then I get in my car to drive to Wilmington, and I listen to POTUS08 on XM radio.  It really is amazing that people can talk for 24 hours straight, for over a full year about one subject, who will be the President of the United States?  I catch all the latest speeches from each party, which is much easier now that there are only four people to keep track of.  Every once in a while I switch over to music because I can't take in anymore information.   After all, who cares what group said something about "pigs wearing lipstick" when we live in North Carolina. Here pigs own Duplin County and wear whatever the heck they want.

After working hard all day I can't wait to hear who was in what state today  and everything they said there, what baby they kissed, etc. on the way home. Before I sleep at night I will have read the newspaper and listened to the last tidbits on the nightly news.  And so it has been for at least six months... Here I will have to admit I am a Hillary fan, and started this regimen because I couldn't get enough of the reactions she created in the world.  I might add I'm sure we haven't heard the last from her either. 

So what will we do when it's over? The first thing on my calendar is to attend the play Annie at the BTI Theatre with my 28 year old daughter. The two of us will be singing "The Sun Will Come Out , Tomorrow" in the audience, and there will be no politico to say it's not so!   Maybe listen to classical music, or the BBC news which I believe gives the best general world wide news on the radio today.  Play my piano, watch a real movie, or read about a local event in the newspaper?  What will my husband talk to his golf cronies about?  One  buddy is so crazy about putting down the democrats, I think his hair is turning white prematurely.  Right now the only thing we have to look forward is being pre-empted by hurricane news and the awful news about which company might not make it through the day.  Hello candidates- this is important stuff happening!

Please give me your reader comments.  Do you think we have lost our senses with the lenght of time people are campaigning?  Like Obama says,  "babies have been born and are walking already since I started campaigning".  Who would like to vote for a three year moratorium before someone is allowed to say "Presidential Election 2012"! Do you think one year is all they should get to convince us? 

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