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Daily Money Management

As the poplulation ages, the amount of people who are edging up into the 60's, 70's and 80's are increasing.  Because we are such a mobile society, lots of Mothers and Fathers, Grandmothers or Grandfathers, Sisters and Brothers live on their own in another state, away from their family.

Early on I knew that DMM, or Daily Money Management,  would be one of the area's that Wilmingtonians would need in our area.  This is the particular branch  of bookkeepers and accountants that provide personal business assistance to clients who have difficulty managing their personal finances.  This is usually because of some type of health problem which robs these clients from being able to write checks, understand their insurance and health billings and maintaining bank accounts. 

Hopefully, a family member can help, but if that's not the case, look for a DMM. Most DMM's charge on an hourly rate and out of pocket expenses such as postage stamps, etc.  Sometimes just this bit of help can keep a love one in their home just a little longer. 

The best way to find a DMM is  through a referral from someone you know, like and trust, such as your local Elderlaw CPA, or Lawyer. Otherwise,  go to the AADMM website and search in the area of your needs.

Maybe your family member is too busy having fun traveling, volunteering and enjoy life and is also looking for a DMM. Whatever your need, it's good to know there are Daily Money Managers out there to help.

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