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I created this blog to offer little hints, ideas, strategies and sometimes just silly excerpts from life to help other entrepreneurs gain insight.

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Do you have the Entrepreneur spirit?

Did you ever wonder why some businesses seem to flourish, while others never really get off the ground?  Why some seem to create great buzz, and others languish trying to find their place in the sun? 

I work with some great small businesses and have owned a few myself.  Here's a few things I've noticed:

  • Entreprenuers must have great courage. They have to overcome fear and naysaying and still go for it.
  • They have to be extremely enthusiastic. Someone who is just passing time is not going to make it. This enthusiasum has to be felt by each and everyone they touch. If they don't love what their doing, other's won't buy into the service or product.
  • They need to be authentic, even when it might impede the deal. Other's can pick up on this in a second and it will only come back to bite you in the end. If your product or service doesn't fit, refer them to the proper person. In the long run, you will receive what you give. The giver's gain attitude reaps fruit in future seasons.
  • They look for knowledge, and continually strive to learn more in all facets of their expertise. They aren't resting on their laurels. They're going to conferences, reading, and joining associations that bring like minds together. They take in new ideas and absorb the teachings of their peers like a handi-wipe at a open faucet.
  • They dream about where they want to go, not where they are now. They don't settle for what is being accomplished, but instead set goals that are high enough that attaining them will be a struggle. They don't give up!
  • They learn from their mistakes, and know that all things may not work out the first time, but with practise, they have a another chance to get it right. What would have happened if Thomas Edison gave up?
  • They want to make a dfiference; in their field, their home, their community. People around them benefit. They look to give back , extending a hand to others as they grow, teaching and mentoring. They are born leaders, and others like to be around them because they inspire.
  • They have strength of character. They know the difference between ethical and underhanded. They are moral beings. They want to win, but not at the expense of others. They earn respect.

I am lucky to know several of these people. They work in my community, the Cape Fear Region of North Carolina. I am proud to know them, share the room with them, and sometimes am in awe when I see what they are accomplishing. I hope I help them at times, as I know they have helped me.  

Set your goals high-  let's make a difference today.

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