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Darlin' I've been on TV

I would love to tell you all about my ‘big company’ jaunt last week...

When it comes to QVC, big is definitely the word to describe them. My niece, Cherie, was celebrating her 8th Anniversary with QVC, the shopping mega network show, for her purse line Maxx New York. They gave her the special honor of having the first ever live audience for accessories. And because she is a wonderful niece, she sent for her two Aunts to be in the audience. And so that is how I got the royal treatment at QVC. We were all ensconced in the green room where there was healthy food and drinks and the show celebs came to say hello to us! Bob Mackey, the designer, was in the next room over. We got a special behind the scene tour of the studio sets and later we also got a tour of the entire studio, which is huge and very high tech.

The live audience was great. We got to sit in the first row, which was rather hard on the camera men and women who were trying to get us onTV as much as possible. As my niece and the hostess  were chatting away about each of the various purses that would automatically show up on their table between shots, someone is behind the scenes putting accessories in each bag so that when Cherie explains all the nooks and crannies she has given the women to be organized there is actually items there. And the models that go down the runway are changing outfits about every 10 minutes for over 2 hours and coming back with gorgeous bags on their arms. Meanwhile, in between all this Maxx was having giveaways where the studio audience was winning purses (this was not seen on TV). While the show was on, the ladies in the audience were using their cell phones to call in orders! At the end, my niece created a special ‘designer’ green zebra print grocer bag with leather trim to give away to each person in the audience- the girl is a marketing genius. Of course they are all going home and telling everyone they know about their experience and showing off their bag signed by the owner of Maxx New York. If you see one in Harris Teeter, that would be me holding it!

You could tell this was a very organized set and every camera person, hostess and vendor knew exactly what to do and when to do it. I’ve never seen so many happy people working in one place. Now keep in mind though, it’s a live show and some things didn’t go smooth, like the time the model thought the camera was in another area and walked in front of it, or the time the hostess announced QVC was giving anniversary pricing and my niece’s mouth dropped when she heard the amount for a particular handbag. If QVC wants to be generous to her ultimate Maxx girl, she is all for it.

QVC has some very strict guidelines to get on, one being that all merchandise must be on their premises before the show. Also, they have to purchase a minimum of $30,000. Would anyone argue with that? They like someone with a story, and a personality that can really get shoppers enthusiastic. If you have what you think is the perfect product for them you can go online and find out all the requirements.

As for us, we can’t wait until anniversary number nine comes! We had a wonderful weekend together and I even got to see snow when we were traveling back from PA to NY. The family got to do the final shots on stage - so I can say I was on TV, not just in the audience. Yet another area to mark off the bucket list (even if it wasn’t there to begin with).

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